Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Make Cycle #2 Reflection

I really enjoyed this make cycle. As I was playing Minecraft, and was playing with infinite water blocks, my memory was jolted of a concept that my automotive teacher liked to joke about.  It was perpetual motion. I knew that I had seen a perpetual motion fountain concept that was extremely close to perpetual motion. The only problem was the limit of space for air and water to be displaced. My first attempt was to use small 16 ounce water bottles and hot glue them together and seal them with hot glue. This did not work.  There was not a good enough seal to force the pressures in certain areas to get the water to flow. This made me think about the converters that I played with as a kid that allowed you to make a cyclone in drink bottles and then it hit me! I remember going to the science center in my town when I was very small, and seeing a small science experiment with 2 liter bottles, and asking my mom to buy it for me. The science experiment worked off of the same exact principles as Heron's fountains. The pressure of the water flowing down through the opening in the bottle create suction in the upper portion of the bottle, so when the pressure builds up enough, and is stronger than the force of gravity, water is shot back up through the tube, which makes a fountain effect.  As I did this project, I also learned how important it is to have scientific experiences that will spark your imagination as a child, and develop a passion for science and learning that will last a lifetime.

Edit:  These are some of the things that were relevant to my Make Cycle #2.  Something that needs to be brought to everyone's attention is that the fountain that I made is not exactly the same as "Heron's Fountain".  My fountain is simplified so that back pressure is forced in sudden releases through the straw.  This simplifies resetting the fountain because you must only flip it over.  Heron's Fountain must be drained of water and then refilled with water before working again.
Also, here is a link to my comic on this topic:

Edit #2:  Unfortunately, Blogger will not accept my .mov file of my Make Cycle #2.  It can be seen on my google plus page.


  1. I talked to you about this concept when you brought it up on Thursday and I'm still really interested, I think the idea is great and I'm sure there must some how be a solution to it. This make was a good one for you, I'll be looking forward to the next.

  2. After reading this it sounds like you have a difficult make in progress but I hope you figure out a solution and it works for you.