Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Cycle #3:

for my make cycle 3, I felt as if I would have no trouble finding a toy to hack, and relating it to the mechanical heart replacement...  That however, was not the case.  After searching for toys to hack, I realized that I had no toys...  My room mate was kind enough to lend me his only toy, Bucky-Balls.  I first decided to make a human heart out of the Bucky-Balls and make a stop animation, but it was very difficult to arrange the magnetic balls in such a complicated shape, so my search continued...  I went into my other room mate's room, and saw a crumpled and smashed set of headphones and it hit me.  I could do the math to find the frequency that a human heart beats at and recreate it with pulses through the headphones.  As I did the video, things went perfectly.  That stopped very soon though.  As I was uploading, my iPhone decided to flip the video 180 degrees.  After downloading new software to flip the video, I finally was able to upload the video.  All-in-all, I feel good about my project, and feel that it represented the science questions that I posed very well.  I really enjoyed this make cycle.

Edit:  This is a picture of some of the testing that I did before I actually took apart the headphone for Make Cycle #3.
I used the big speaker to easily hear and see the pulses made by the computer and confirm that the headphone wasn't completely broken  I cut up the headphone jack and wired everything so that the bass and treble sounds were both run through the speakers.


  1. For the amount of complications you had with the idea and video it came out pretty well. Like I always say, I enjoy seeing your creativity (though its too bad for the head phones).

  2. It sounds like you had plenty of frustrating setbacks during your make process but I'm glad it finally worked out for you.