Monday, October 7, 2013

Midterm Assignment

As I have read over my blogs, I see that I have portrayed myself as a very proper and sophisticated tinkerer. I see that I am very thorough with my explanations. When we made the drawing bug, I analyzed what the problem was with the motor, and stated that it was the reason why we were not able to finish. In my second post, I also talked about the bicycle that I would like to build and how I was running ideas through my head to get a better understanding of what it was I wanted to build, and how it should look. On my make cycle #2 post, I went as far as telling the game that I was playing that sparked the inspiration of my make. This, however is not who I am. I only write and speak in this way due to the posts and assignments having an impact on my grade. I enjoy personal tinkering and experimenting that I don't have to report or share. I feel as if I may be rushed or expected to show great progress or accomplishments from my experimentation when they must be reported. I also am not very proper in person. Coming from the mountains of North Carolina, I have quite an accent and a colorful vocabulary of sayings that no one in Charlotte seems to understand. An example would be "ain't no count" I say this when something isn't as good as I think that it should be. You can even Google "ain't no count" and Urban Dictionary mentions southern rural people. I have just developed a sophisticated personality for special occasions that require professional attitudes, such as preforming in school. Although, sometimes, not being yourself just ain't no count.

Edit:  Here are some pictures involving my home town.  The whole city of Hudson is approximately 3.7 sqare miles in size, while UNCC's campus is only just under 1.56 square miles in size.  This means that my home town's size is approximately equal to 2 1/3 of UNCC.


  1. Kaleb, I really hear what you are saying in your reflection. I feel this tension about trying to bring making into the classroom, when there are grades involved. I feel really strongly about the value in the conceptual and practical applications of making, and I wonder if the grading system will warp what is really cool about it. And I so see the intermixed relationship to location, language and presentation of self that you mention here.

  2. Well...I don't know what to say now, because this is by far the best post I've seen yet. I like the way you are cool and relaxed in person, but I also admire how professional you are as well (a talent I need to work on). I also agree with the rushed feeling we have as students, it reminds me of an art class I had that the work was graded on when it was completed rather that the quality and I always hated dead-lines. Keep up the good work man, you are spot on.

  3. I also feel rushed when something has to be reported and most of the time when that happens my end product turns out to be bad. I also can relate about acting somewhat different in certain locations. (sophisticated in school and maybe not so proper at home or around friends).